UFC Welterweight Champion George St-Pierre’s next opponent Nick Diaz ?

Yes you heard it correct. Dana White is in talks with Strikeforce’s welterweight champ Nick Diaz for a possible match against the UFC welterweight champ George St-Peirre. Dana White, concerned about Diaz’s recent interest in trying out Boxing, believes a fight between the two welterweights would be a big interest to many people. Since Nick Diaz and Jake Shields are best friends, we are sure Diaz would sign the contract if the price is right.

St-Pierre defeated Jake Shields last night at UFC 129 to retain his welterweight title with a unanimous decision.

The next move for GSP would be to move up to 185 lb. division to fight Anderson Silva, but that might be put on hold to set up a match between GSP and Diaz.

So who would you like to see GSP fight next ? Voting poll below:

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