The Sunday Junkie: June 20 edition

After one of the busiest fight weeks in MMA history, readers primarily focused on just one of the events in this week’s edition of The Sunday Junkie: The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale.

From Court McGee’s tournament win to Matt Hamill’s staph infection to Herb Dean’s questionable point deduction, fans discussed and dissected all areas of Saturday’s event.

But when it came to picking a winner in our weekly reader-feedback feature, “dogbyday” got the nod after pointing out a quirk of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series: durability is rewarded just as much as raw talent.

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1 Response

  1. MMAEdition says:

    There should have been no point deduction for the first time. And as far as Hamills Staph infection, they should have not let him fight. It’s obvious he has something wrong and how did this pass medical review? Anyway he got the job done anyway..

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