Overeem Hoping for Two Strikeforce Fights in 2010, Says K-1 is No. 2 Priority

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Over two years, six K-1 kickboxing fights and seven MMA fights later, Alistair Overeem will finally defend his Strikeforce heavyweight belt on May 15 in St. Louis.

That’s more than enough to question his devotion towards MMA at an elite level, so on a media call Tuesday afternoon to promote his upcoming fight against Brett Rogers, Overeem reaffirmed his dedication to MMA, expressing that his No. 1 priority this year is his career in the US, or more specifically, Strikeforce.

“It’s been too long that I’ve fought [at Strikeforce], so I’m hoping to do a couple of fights this year,” Overeem stated. “K-1 is secondary this year.”

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