Mike Brown: Once You’ve Had Title, You’re Chasing That High

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Mike Brown hadn’t lost a fight in ten outings over nearly four years when he stepped in the cage to put his featherweight title on the line against Jose Aldo at WEC 44 in November. Less than seven minutes in, he was face down on the canvas watching his belt and his win streak slip away one punch at a time.

How quickly fortunes change in this sport. Brown’s been at it for nine years as a pro. He knows there’s only one thing you can do to make the sting of a loss go away, and the sooner the better.

“I was depressed. That’s why I called the WEC the next day,” Brown says. “I called [WEC matchmaker] Sean Shelby and [WEC GM] Reed Harris and begged them to get me on the next card they could. They shuffled some things around and made some room for me and got me on there and I got a win. That’s what I needed. That kind of helped me get my mind straight.”

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