Dana White Very Upset with Anderson Silva

The post-fight press conference took place at Concert Arena on Yas
Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the same venue that played
host to Saturday’s event with a pay-per-view headliner of UFC
middleweight champion Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia. Dana White was very pissed off at Silva’s performance and embarrassed for the UFC fans and the sport. He mentioned he was very upset with all 5 rounds of the fight claiming Silva was just showing off instead of just ending the fight with a knockout. Dana White calls it showboating and feels that Silva does not deserve to fight a true champion like GSP.

Anderson Silva claims Maia disrespected him and he wanted to punish him in the fight by not finishing the fight when he had the chance but instead lets the punishment go the full 5 rounds to teach him a lesson.
Silva refuses to make any apologies.

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5 Responses

  1. Blaze says:

    I think Silva feels he is on top of the world and no one can defeat him. Soon someone will wake him up and KO him, maybe he will not dance around like a clown in front of fans who pay $1000 a ticket. Yes I think this is what he needs. Just my opinion…

  2. True MMA Fan says:

    Silva is the Best of the BEST!!! I see why Dana would b upset with silva because he could have ended the fight any time he pleased but instead he danced around the ring and mocked Mia. Dana is jus mad caz silva isnt using all of his ability.

    N as for Blaze i respect your opinion but you have 2 give the man his props he is a once in a lifetime fighter and no matter how goofy he acts you must respect him.

    • Blaze says:

      I agree Silva is a great and he is one of my favorite top fighters but he has been doing the same thing in his
      last few fights playing the same game and one day hes going to get knocked out by not taking the fight serious and this will hopefully wake him up. Also I dont think he has a good chin….

  3. ufc fanatic says:

    No matter what you will see GSP and silva fight no matter what white says. This is what the fans want and there is alot of money in it for dana so we should see this fight sooner than you think

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