Anderson Silva Defeats Demian Maia

Anderson Silva def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision to retain UFC middleweight title.


Round 1 – The crowd is still buzzing from the Edgar upset as the main event gets underway. There’s little action early as the fighters circle and test their range by pawing their jabs. Lots of circling and thinking. Silva lands the first shot 75 seconds in with a front kick to the shin. Silva sticks out his right hand as Maia slaps it away. Silva lands a big low kick that spins Maia. Silva moves slowly in a low crouch with his hands at his side. Maia remains reserved. Silva now picks up his energy and lands a back kick. Silva taunts while kneeling on the cage. As broadcaster Joe Rogan calls it, “confidence-crushing clowning.” Silva lands more low kicks that take a toll. Maia, though, shakes it off and remains in his fighters stance. Silva goes high with a quick kick and then low. Silva clowns some more and then stings Maia with a right. Maia tries to pull guard once the distance is closed, but Silva shakes it off. A flying knee sends Maia to the mat. Silva stands over him with leg kicks and a kick to the arm. The ref calls for a stand-up. Silva keeps his hands at waste while taunting his opponent. Silva comically fakes a series of rights and then lands one and knocks Maia briefly to the mat as the round ends. scores a typically bizarre Silva-dominated round 10-9 for the champ.

Round 2 – Maia remains in a typical fighter’s stance as Silva lets his arms hang while taunting. Silva throws front kicks to the shin, lands a big right, taunts and then drops Maia with another kick. Maia is back up, and Silva’s posturing and taunting continue. Maia, though, stays at a distance and obviously doesn’t want to engage. Silva throws low kicks, drops his hands, stuffs a takedown and nearly scores an illegal soccer kick before Maia gets back to his feet. Maia shoots again, and Silva trash-talks and tells him to stand with him. Silva continues the jawing as he puts his hands on his hips. Silva fakes anger and slaps the mat in fake protest. Maia throws jabs, but Silva taunts him between low kicks. Silva taunts him and waves him in. The crowd is understandably in a bit of shock. Silva waves his opponent in again and then throws a stinging body kick. Maia shoots and misses again, and Silva allows him up. Silva taunts some more and throws an inside leg kick. Silva is yelling as he throws the occasional punch. The round ends, and gives it Silva the Entertainer, 10-9.

Round 3 – Silva works kicks from different angles and specifically works the front kick to the shins. Maia’s face is bloodied and nose possible broken. Silva fires off more leg kicks. Little action follows as Silva remains in a crouched stance. Silva with another low front kick and another and another whenever Maia closes the distance. The boo birds are finally heard as the pace slows. Silva misses on a big spinning back kick, misses on a big looping punch, defends the takedown, and then backs away as Maia resets. Silva throws a body kick and clowns some more. Lots of dancing as Dana White can be heard saying, “Come on, guys!” Silva fires off some jabs, defends another takedown, and then another. With Maia on his back, Silva stands over him and then finally allows him back before his dance routine sends him careering into the ref, who nudges him away. Boos ends the round. scores it 10-9 for Silva.

Round 4 – A lopsided affair enters the fourth round. Little action early until Maia connects on overhand left that earns applause from the crowd. Silva looks for the counter, and with nothing to counter, the pace again slows to a halt. Maia becomes the aggressor and throws wildly as Silva simply circles away. Silva misses with a front kick that has nothing behind it. The crowd is all but dead aside from a few chants from Maia and some booing. Maia scores with a jab. “Maia! Maia!” chants gain some supporters as the champ continues to circle away. Silva throws another low kick as the crowd starts to turn against the champ. “GSP! GSP!” chants now fill the arena as welterweight champ (and potential next opponent) Georges St-Pierre sits cageside. The ref tells the fighters to pick up the pace as we enter the final minute with hardly any action to speak of. Maia stalks and throws a right as Silva backs away. Maia finally throws his hands up in disgust and wants the champ to engage. “Maia! Maia!” chants continue again as Silva circles away. Maia again shows frustration. scores it 10-9 for Maia, who at least made an attempt to engage.

Round 5 – Maia’s left eye is swollen completely shut as we enter the final frame. Silva looks more active on his feet and paws his jab before throwing a low kick. Maia chases and shoots for a takedown, but Silva easily defends. Silva throws an off balance high soccer kick that looked amateurish. Silva lands a front kick of the shin, and Maia lands a nice combo that staggers Silva. Maia lands another one when they engage again, and as he slips to the mat, he continues throwing haymakers. The ref calls for a restart, and the crowd comes alive with Maia’s go-for-broke effort. Silva throws spinning back kick, but the crowd is now definitely in Maia’s corner as he stalks after the champ. Silva walks away from his opponent, and the crowd boos. Maia shoots and secures a leg, presses Silva against the cage but he dips for a takedown and can’t get it. Silva hops around and waits for his opponent to engage. Silva misses with an overhand punch and then circles away again. Maia again throws his hands up in frustration as Silva dances around. The ref calls for a timeout and warns Silva about retreating. The arena wildly cheers. Silva works jabs after the warning but seems largely unfazed. Maia stalks but can’t find an opening, and the round ends to an area full of boos. scores it 10-9 for Silva, but no one’s going to be happy with the bizarre performance. Anderson Silva def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision to retain UFC middleweight title.

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