Alistair Overeem Released From Strikeforce

Alistair Overeem (35-11 MMA, 3-0 SF), was released from Strikeforce because the organization wanted to change his fight date from October to September and with his recent injuries (broken rib), Overeem claimed he would not be ready to fight because he would not be healed in time for the fight. So basically Strikeforce said you either fight in September or we will drop you from Strikeforce. Overeem said “well go ahead and release me because I cannot not fight in September” so Strikeforce released one of their best heavyweights. Overeem had 1 fight left on his contract so if he had to continue in the heavyweight tournament and won he would have to sign another contract with Strikeforce and he would be locked in and would not be able to go to UFC who actually owns Strikeforce. Check out the video below from “Inside MMA” which aired on HDNet.

*** video can also be seen in the “videos” category for those using the mobile apps ***

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